The IEEE SSIT ES Joint Bangalore Chapter was established on 3 rd Dec 2013. Prof H K Anasuya Devi has been recorded as
the Founder and Chapter Chair by the IEEE. The spectacular inauguration of the IEEE SSIT ES event took place on the
eve of 30 th August 2014. Present Membership is 65 and expected to increase by 15 more shortly.
Present Chair: Dr. Priya Ranjan Mishra Principal Scientist Philips Lighting Research
Execom members: Vice-chairman- Dr Meena Parathodiyil, Secretary- Mr. Venkatesh Boddapati,
Treasurer- Mrs. Roopashri Tantri,
Immediate Past Chair- Prof H K Anasuya Devi, Member B O G IEEE SSIT, Membership Chair. IEEE SSIT
The Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) ES
Bengaluru chapter in association with IEEE-IISc Student Branch and National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS)
organised a two-day workshop on “Sustainable Technology for Educational Campuses” at the Golden Jubilee Seminar Hall,
Department of Electrical Communication Engineering (ECE), ), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru on 7th and 8th
November 2014.
The two-day workshop started with the Inaugural Session that had Dr. Baldev Raj, Director, NIAS; Dr. Vamanacharya,
Chairperson, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB); Dr. SS Murthy, General Chair for the workshop, Dr. Vijay
Kumar, Chairman, ECE, IISc, Mr. YB Ramakrishna, Consultant, Central University of Karnataka, Dr. T Srinivas, IEEE
Chapter Co-ordination Chair and Dr. HK Anasuya Devi, Chair IEEE SSIT ES, as dignitaries.
The event was sponsored by Hutti Gold Mines Co. Ltd., Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB), Karnataka
Renewable Energy Development Ltd. (KREDL), and Novozymes South Asia Pvt. Ltd, along with the institutions-IISc ,
BEC, CUK, BMSCE and NIE. More than one hundred and twenty people from all round Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and
Andhra Pradesh participated and took active role in all deliberations of the workshop. The participants include the sponsors,
heads of the institutions, registered delegates, representatives, faculty members, students and others.
In 2016 IEEE SSIT ES is honoured with opening IEEE Student Branch at NCET Bangalore and at the same time IEEE
SSIT ES Student Chapter , first in India, globally. About 26 students have joined the Student Branch and SSIT Student
Chapter and has been very active since starting while conducting various programs.
IEEE SSIT ES is a twin Society focusing on both the Societies objectives while conducting the activities.
The NCET as part of Education Society conducted a wonderful workshop on Outcome Based Education first of
kind attracting more than hundred teachers exploring the new techniques and challenges of Teaching Methodology.
Recently the MVJ College of Engineering sent the petition for opening IEEE Student Branch and SSIT Student Chapter. The
formation of IEEE Student Branch is in progress.
The SSIT society chapter chair Dr Anasuya Devi Bangalore Section was elected as Member B O G, which is a big
recognition honouring the Section. Subsequently she was designated MD Chair for SSIT. In pursuance of membership
drive, Dr Devi brought down the Student membership fee from $16.5 to $4 that resulted in opening many student branches
throughout globally. This is a big achievement and Bangalore Section is much appreciated. Today SSIT is growing with members in India and more in Karnataka.
IEEE SSIT ES being a twin society has its mission engraved as a global interdisciplinary community providing a forum for
discussion and understanding of the effects of technology on society and the planet.
Dr Devi along with other members B O G brought the motto “ Understanding the Role of Technology in
Society” under the 5 pillars. SSIT collaborates with societies, councils, committees and other stakeholders
inside and outside IEEE and our membership spans the full range of Technical Acivities.
Future Plans for next 10 years ahead;
The membership development program would be taken up twice a year.
The team along with newly elected office bearers, the members and volunteers would engage on activites with like-minded
individuals around the world such as:
Two workshops in a year followed by one conference in the alternate years. The topic of two workshop would be connected
with SSIT and ES.
The conference would focus on Sustainable Technology and Humanitarian Technology, the next alternate year on Standards
in Educational System in India. Projects on these subjects will be taken up on short term and long term basis. It is in progress
The workshops would span topics such as Ehics, human values and technology, universal access to technology, Societal
impact of technology, Protecting the planet- Sustainable technology. In Educational System topics include Engineering
educational system, Curriculum development, Innovation and Enterprenuership, Role of Industry participation and academia interaction.
Separate programs will be conducted for students invoving the student branches and student chapters on various themes.
SSIT ES Distinguished lectures and lectures.Participation in award winning Society Magzine and other Publications.
The flagship IEEE Symposium on Technology and Society(ISTAS) and other conferences. IEEE Special Interest Group on
Humanitarian Technology(SIGHT) and Community outreach.