Significant Achievements:

  1. MGA Outstanding Large Section Award 2013
  2. IEEE R10 Distinguished Large Section Award 2013
  3. IEEE Region 10-Digital Connect Survey Award 2013
  4. IEEE Region 10-MD incentive Grant for Membership Retention 2016
  5. 20 IEEE Fellows
  6. 500+ Senior Members

International Events:

  1. International Conference on Computer, Systems and Signal Processing -1984 (To celebrate IEEE-100 Yrs and Platinum Jubilee of IISc)
  2. International Conference on Communication, Control and Signal Processing-2000
  3. International Symposium on Microwaves-2004,2006,2008
  4. 125th Year Anniversary Celebrations of IEEE -2009
  5. IEEE CONECCT 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017
  6. 50th Year Anniversary Celebrations of IEEE Region 10-2016
  7. IEEE WIE Global Summit 2016
  8. IEEE R10 Students-YP-WIE-LM Congress 2016
  9. TENCON 2003
  10. IEEE Admission & Advancement Committee Meeting 2006 & 2013
  11. IEEE Region 10 ExeCom Meeting 2016

National Events:

  1. IEEE Bangalore Annual Symposium 1991-2012
  2. IEEE INDICON 2007, 2016
  3. IEEE SmartTech 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
  4. IEEE iAIM 2017
  5. IC WIE Symposium 2015
  6. All India Computer Society Student Congress 2013

Major Initiatives:

  1. IEEE CONECCT-Section’s flagship international conference for Academia and researchers
  2. IEEE SmartTech- Section’s flagship Workshop for Industry Professionals
  3. Senior Member Elevation Program (SIMPLE)- Due to This program section has 500+ senior members
  4. Fellow Identification and Nomination Exercise (FINE)- To identify and nominate suitable Senior Member to IEEE Fellow Grade
  5. Performance Based and Membership Dependent Section Support scheme for Student Branches – With this scheme Student Branches can avail section support upto INR 50K/year.This scheme is huge success and nearly INR 16.0L is disbursed to various student branches in last 2 years.
  6. Performance based Section Support scheme for Society chapters-With this scheme society chapters can  avail upto INR 50K/year. Nealry 3.0L is disbursed to various society chapters in last 2 years.
  7. Online transfer of funds to Student Branches and Society Chapters
  8. Section support to Student/YP/WIE Volunteers to attend R10-Students-YP-WIE Congress and All India Students-YP-Congress
  9. Road show of ExeCom to North Karnataka
  10. IEEE Bangalore Outstanding Volunteer Award- A certificate and cash prize of INR 10K/Year
  11. IEEE Bangalore Best Large Student Branch Award- A certificate and cash prize of INR 10K/Year
  12. IEEE Bangalore Best Small Student Branch Award- A certificate and cash prize of INR 10K/Year
  13. IEEE Bangalore Best Student Branch Website Award- A certificate and cash prize of INR 10K/Year
  14. IEEE Bangalore Outstanding Branch Councillor Award- A certificate and cash prize of INR 10K/Year
  15. IEEE Bangalore Outstanding Student Volunteer Award- A certificate and cash prize of INR 10K/Year
  16. IEEE Bangalore Best Society Chapter Award- A certificate and cash prize of INR 10K/Year
  17. Formation of Special Interest Group on Standards, IoT & Cloud Computing
  18. MoU with IEI to anchor the IEI-IEEE Award for Engineering Excellence
  19. Invitation to Student Members to attend AGM
  20. Annual Branch Councillors’ meet
  21. Annual Chapter Chairs’ meet
  22.  Encouraging each Student Branch/Society Chapters to celebrate IEEE Day and conduct at least 1 Humanitarian Project
  23. Section’s initiatives IEEExtremeAIYEHUM are now Global IEEE initiative
  24. Section’s initiative of Health Insurgence to all members is now India Initiative
  25. Felicitating Section Members on Elevation to IEEE Fellow Grade, Elevation to Life Senior Grade
  26.  Cash prize on Publicising Papers in IEEE Journals (not every year).