Mr. Puneet Kumar Mishra earned his M.Tech in RF & Microwave from IIT Rookee in the year 2004. Since 2004 he has been with ISRO Satellite Centre, and is presently Heading Satellite Antenna Characterization, Test & Design Section. He has rich experience of RF characterization of 31 Satellites operating from UHF to Ka-Band. He has Played a pivotal role in establishing S/C level EMC chamber and has Developed a payload to study the RF blackout phenomenon. He has also contributed in Indigenously Developing BusBars for High power S/C. He has published more than 30 papers and won 3 best paper awards. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, USA and life member of Astronautical Society of India, Society of EMC Engineers (India), and Antenna Test & Measurement Society (India). He has published more than 35 Technical papers.He is on the board of reviewers of journals like the IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, and IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation.
He is an active Volunteer of IEEE and presently Vice Chair of IEEE Bangalore Section and Vice Chair-Industry Relations, IEEE India Council.
2002-2004: GE Foundation scholarship for Academic Excellence and Leadership
2011: IETE-IRSI(83) Young Scientist Award
2012: ISRO Young Scientist Award
2013: ASI-ISRO Space Gold Medal
2013: Joint Secretary, IEEE Bangalore Section
2014-2015: Secretary, IEEE Bangalore Section
2014-2015: Convener, IEEE SmartTech Workshop
2016: Treasurer, IEEE Bangalore Section
2016: Treasurer, IEEE R10- WIEGS, SYWLC & 50 Years Celebrations Inaugural Event
2016: TPC Co-Chair, IEEE INDICON 2016
2017: Vice Chair, IEEE Bangalore Section
2017: General Chair, IEEE iAIM (
As Joint Secretary of the section, he has prepared the detailed section report and nominated the section for MGA Outstanding Large Section award and R10 Outstanding Large Section Awards. Due to his meticulous reporting section won both the awards for the year 2013. As Secretary of the section he pioneered various initiatives, most importantly:  Performance based & Membership Dependent section support scheme for Student Branches (SBs) and society chapters (SCs) of section. Under this scheme any SB or SC is eligible for upto INR 50K Section support in addition to HQ rebate.   Due to this scheme section has now 66 active student branches and 20 active society chapters. His  idea of making vTool reporting mandatory to claim section support lead to vTool reporting from the section/SBs/SCs from 100+ in 2014 to 780+ in 2016. As Treasurer of the section, he relentlessly worked to streamline various payments through online banking/digital banking/paperless banking. Due to his efforts within span of 6 months all section payments (660+) were made through online banking to SBs, SCs, vendors and other organizations. He has also signed an MoU with an event management company (Exlara) for digital Registration, Invoice, and Receipt process at very nominal rate (3% of the registration fee). This MoU can be used by all SCs and SBs in addition to section.  As TPC Cochair of INDICON 2016 he has introduced 2 tracks viz. Humanitarian Technology and Microwave in the conference. These tracks were huge success and nearly 200 technical papers were submitted in these tracks. As General Chair of iAIM 2017 he has planned a focused conference on a niche area of Antenna Technology for Ground, Aircraft and Satellite Applications. He has Introduced Student Travel Grants for all attending students whose papers are accepted. This will help students in attending the conference and expanding their knowledge base.