IEEE ComSoc Chapter Bangalore
Established Date –              June 2008
Present Membership –        Over 280
Present Chapter Chair –     Dr Navin Kumar
Present Secretary –              Mr A T Kishore
Present Treasurer –              Mr Anand M
There has been significant growth in the membership since the inception. The chapter has very good support from industry. Bangalore, being the hub of industry, the ComSoc chapter enjoys many IEEE members of various categories from Industry. ComSoc Chapter Bangalore has been very dynamic and active chapters. They have been constantly doing number of technical and societal events to promote the technology and IEEE as important organization. To understand the engagement with industry, Nokia Inc. and Avaya Networks have come forward to host jointly with ComSoc Chapter at least one event every year on advanced technology. Avaya Networks however, much ahead to host at least 3-events per year. Our confidence with industry partner is showing very positive growth. We have been meeting at ExCom meet at industry premises.
Although, ComSoc has been traditionally fulfilling the needs and requirements of the chapter by conducting workshop, seminar, hosting distinguish lecture program, technically and financially supporting events such as International Conferences, Workshops, etc. There has been some unique achievements worth of reporting and keeping record of them, For example,

(iii) Research Methodology Workshop Series: Utmost needed. Kicked off start on 8-9 May, 2017 hosted by CMRIT. Scaling it to regional level the July edition is jointly with IEEE Bangalore section. Scheduled on 8-9 July, 2017. Have a look:
(iv) ISCAT: Formation of IEEE Smart City Advisory Team (ISCAT). Led by ComSoc but team members are from across the chapters and different domain. Possible collaboration with SCIF and few industries to work towards smart city development.
(v) No. of unique steps such as Student Travel Grant, formation of student branch chapters, conducting workshop outside Bangalore.
There are some future plans:

  • Formation of Local Distinguish Lecture Tour (DLT) Experts: We are in the process of identifying around 15 experts in different domains of Communication and ICT to be local DL Experts. The institutions, industries can invite them for guest lecture.
  • Electronic voting for Chair, Chair Elect and other office bearers from coming ExCom of ComSoc.
  • Identifying experts and recommending for various awards at global level
  • Organizing annual or once in two years an International Conference/or Summer School collaborating exclusively any event like CONECCT if OC agrees.
  • Get engaged and work with city municipal to help them planning, designing, testing and verification of products for smart city.